All About you

All our endeavors at Columbia revolve around just one entity - YOU

It is your needs, ideas and demands that drive us. And once you are a part of
the Columbia family, you continue to remain at the centre of our universe.


Real estate

Amidst the rapid progress and constant evolution of Bengaluru’s real estate landscape, the Columbia Group has carved out a niche for itself through the combination of quality and innovation since its inception in 2008. With Mr. Farooq Khan, Chairman and Managing Director at the helm, today the group is synonymous with in-depth knowledge of real estate and excellent command on the construction field. The focus is always on developing the finest living environments and providing unmatched value for money, revolving around a highly customer-centric approach that has resulted in a long list of satisfied customers.

Envisioning tomorrow

Our vision is to build a future where the Columbia Group is a household name across the country and is renowned worldwide for developing innovative spaces that pave the way for future possibilities in the world of real estate.

The you philosophy

All our endeavors at Columbia revolve around just one entity - our customers. It is their needs, ideas and demands that drive us. And once they are a part of the Columbia family, they continue to remain at the centre of our universe.

A class apart

Columbia Group leaves nothing to chance in the quest for excellence, because that’s what it takes to make waves in a highly competitive environment.

Making your
life greener

From recycling at least 70% of the construction waste and locally sourcing about 20% of the building materials, to utilizing recycled construction materials, the Columbia Group is committed to leading by example in the movement towards sustainable development.

Nothing but Perfection

State-of-the-art technology and efficient operations ensure impeccable quality, while guaranteeing on-time delivery. Along with a combination of advanced logistics systems and the supervision of expert consultants, Columbia Group incorporates embedded steel girders, unfilled steel tubes, high quality construction grade steel and high strength concrete to optimize the speed of construction and create structures that last for generations.

Captivating by Design

At Columbia Group, we believe every home should have its own unique touch. That’s where our tailor-made design services come in, providing each client with the option to personalize their space to reflect their individual tastes. We pride ourselves in never creating the same interior twice, so you are sure to have a distinctive design you can call your own.
Years of experience enable us to cater to your every need with services that are virtually unlimited. It is this approach that continues to earn the trust of new customers, while strengthening the relationships with our current customer base, whom we consider to be part of our family.

All About Assurance

Columbia Homes are designed to provide each resident with privacy and a serene setting that complements everyday life. And of course, the safety and security of you and your loved ones are always at the centre of our focus.

Our Management
Farooq khan

Farooq khan

Chairman and Managing Director,
Columbia Group

Respected for his incisive views on industry and his business acumen, Mr. Farooq has been the motivational force behind the success and achievements of the Group where he has set the highest standards for others to follow. Showing the world how one could be straight as an arrow and yet building a world class company in a difficult environment.

With over two decades of experience in the real estate industry, he brings on board his unique vision, management practices and global approach to the function, expansion, diversification and management of the organization. With passion for design, he gets involved in every project and envisions it as if he were to personally use it.

A thought-leader who places a strong emphasis on ‘speak less, do more’ and chooses to live by this credo, Mr. Farooq truly lives up to his role and manages the Group’s activities spread across several spheres. He is a multi-dimensional personality, an effortless leader and an ace in planning, development and finance. His sound thinking and value-based approach make him the logical, deep-rooted and analytical part of the Group. A multi-tasking expert, he has the ability to effortlessly manage and run construction operations across multiple sites simultaneously. His uncanny knowledge of the 3 M’s of real estate development - man, machines and materials, makes him the operational wizard of the Group.

Imtiaz khan

Imtiaz khan

Executive Director,
Columbia Group

When you are young and have seen the world, the fresh perspective and ideas you bring to the table are invaluable to the company. Mr. Imtiaz brings with him a fresh way of looking at things, an inborn talent of multi-tasking mixed with tremendous enthusiasm and a now-or-never-spirit. All this makes for a potent combination in the business environment.

This broad outlook and international perspective comes from experience garnered through spending time in different countries. He has a Degree in Business Administration from Jain-CMS, India & Specialized International Marketing Program from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. Mr. Imtiaz brings with him the exposure and talent needed to see things in a new light.

He also takes a keen interest in Project Planning and in strategizing on key areas in which the business can be developed. Ever since he joined the Group, there has also been a strong never-say-die attitude and with it, fresh infusion of ideas and work ethic that’s fuelling the Group’s expansion plans. In a short period of time, he has been able to make remarkable contributions and has added to all aspects of the business. His Vision and Passion has grown the Group into International Retail & Other International Business Operations. The Group has also Major Retail Operations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Which houses a chain of retail outlets across the Middle East.

shoaib khan

Shoaib khan

Executive Director,
Columbia Group

Mr. Shoaib represents the ‘Next Generation’ at Columbia, always enthusiastic and always on a constant learning curve. He is responsible for many of the changes within the Group, particularly in putting customer at the top of the real estate business. He has a Degree in Business Administration from the Jain-CMS & Specialized International Practical Finance Program, UK.

Though it’s been only a short while since his joining, his contribution to the Group and its functioning are already making a marked difference in the Group’s success. His finance related background helps make prudent decisions on investments and he is up to date with all the financial activities of the organization. In many ways, he does represent the future of the Group and the promise it holds for all stakeholders.